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Say no to the Hospital Closures Clause on Tuesday 11th March

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11am Tuesday 8th March on College Green, outside Parliament

Having lost the battle to close Lewisham Hospital the Government are now attempting to change the law. They are rushing through the ‘Hospital Closure Clause’ – Clause 119 – making it legal to close any thriving, solvent hospital whenever they want.

The clause is an attempt to break local democracy and make it easier for Jeremy Hunt to shut down hospitals to reach the government’s target of cutting the budget of the Health Service by £20 billion per year.

This is a big threat to South West London. The government and local NHS bosses have been trying to force through the closure of A&E, maternity and pediatrics at St Helier Hospital for years. Time and time again, massive local opposition has beat back the attacks and saved the Hospital. Clause 119 is designed to overcome that resistance by giving power directly to the Health Secretary to close hospitals.

Bring pots and pans on Tuesday as Parliament votes on Clause 119 – let the politicians know that we oppose their assault on the NHS.


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